Monitor your body's vitamin and mineral levels with santéPatch
The santéPatch works with an AI-powered app that gives you real-time readings, allowing personalized nutrition plans and health tracking on-the-go. The santéPatch is a painless, non-invasive micro-patch, and a game-changing addition to the health, tech, and supplement market.
Improving your health, diet, and general well-being.
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Introducing santéPatch
31 percent of U.S. population at risk of at least one vitamin deficiency
The santéPatch contains the technology to monitor your body's important vitamin and mineral levels without using traditional methods, like blood tests, which can be costly, time-consuming, and invasive.

A 2020 CRN Survey discovered 98% of all respondents that took supplements did so for vitamins and minerals, yet 31% of the U.S. population is at risk of vitamin deficiency*.
santéPatch vitamin and mineral monitoring will help identify which nutrients are required; keeping nutrition in balance and avoiding taking unnecessary supplements.
*NCBI: Risk of Deficiency in Multiple Concurrent Micronutrients in Children and Adults in the United States.
*The Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN)
*The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI)
santéPatch is painless
and non-invasive
Access nutrition readings on a user-friendly app
Benefits & Special Features
and painless.

Real-time health monitoring via an Ai-powered app.
Personalized vitamin
and mineral plans
delivered to your app.

Supports a healthy and beneficial diet.
Wearable and innovative technology based on sensor intelligence.
Tracks changes in the body and immune system.
Reverse iontophoresis works by applying a small electrical pulse through a positive side to a negative side of the patch. This process creates a reaction called electro-osmotic flow on the area the santéPatch is attached.
How santéPatch Works
The santéPatch is a micro-patch placed directly onto the skin analyzing your vitamin and mineral levels.
The osmotic flow brings interstitial fluids and sweat onto the surface and into the santéPatch spectrometer sensor.
These fluids then pass through a frequency scan in the patch. Each component within the fluids has a different note (like music). The spectrometer can determine how much of each nutrient it has picked up, it then identifies the levels that are high or low or within a normal range.
Neal Dinan
Strength and Conditioning
Coach, BSc. FAFS
santéPatch is a game-changer in the health and fitness industry, as to get these type of results are expensive and take time.
Readings take just 15 minutes. The data is then wirelessly transmitted to an app on your smartphone or smartwatch.

The AI-powered app will then provide you with real-time personalized nutrition plans, recipes, and health tracking according to the accurate data provided by the santéPatch.

These plans adapt and evolve as your health and well-being improve.
The AI-Powered App for Everyone
Real Time Tracking
Wireless Transmission
Personalized Nutrition Plan
We have developed this micro-patch for everyone. Having the correct vitamin and mineral levels is crucial to your physical and mental well-being.

Men and women, young or old, the santéPatch will work on any human skin, taking painless and accurate readings of your body's vitamin and mineral levels.
Who Can Use santéPatch?
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